From time to time, I’m asked to write about various aspects of the mastering process. Many of the articles were inspired by realizing I was typing the same email over and over. Below is a list of articles I’ve authored on various aspects of audio mastering and published on

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Things to Consider When Evaluating Your Master

An article to enlighten you on things to consider and listen for when evaluating your initial master from your mastering engineer/studio.

13 Quick Tips for Preparing a Mix for Mastering

This article stemmed from replying to a Facebook post about how to prepare some mixes for mastering. I put together a quick checklist of things to consider and be aware of to help make the process go smoothly.

What Automated Mastering Services Can’t Do For You

It would be too subjective and a waste of time to criticize services such s LANDR, Aftermaster and other automated mastering services about their sound qualities. Instead, this article focuses on facts about things those services simply can't provide for you at this time, or maybe ever.

What is Mastering in 2016?

A general overview of mastering technicalities, best-practices, ideas, and random thoughts.

Common Misconceptions About the Mastering Process

This article explains common misconceptions about audio mastering such as why even though your masters may be technically loud when analyzed on meters, they do not sound as loud other material, and why louder is not always better.

A Guide to Preparing for Mastering

A general overview of things to consider before your mastering session.

CD-Text, Metadata, Artwork & More

A brief guide to submitting your CD/project info to the Gracenote Database and why iTunes (and most other consumer audio apps) can't directly read the CD-Text/Metadata embedded on a CD even though you think it should, and how apps actually get that info.

The Importance of Lacquer Cutting for Vinyl

This article focuses on vinyl releases, and why it's important to use a lacquer cutter who you know does good work and that you can communicate with rather than blindly sending your music off to the pressing plant and hoping for the best. Lacquer cutting is the most important step when it comes to how your vinyl sounds. You wouldn't send your unmastered mixes off to the CD plant and hope they master it well before doing all the expensive and time consuming setup processes, would you?

11 Tips for Better Mastering Results

Some useful tips for your and veteran mixing engineers to help ensure your mastering session goes smoothly.

The Importance and Benefits of a Mastering DAW

An overview of why Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase (and similar DAWs) are not full featured mastering DAWs and why a DAW/Audio Editor designed specifically for mastering will improve your workflow, make things easier, and improve results as well.

The 2017 Mastering Guide to Audio Formats and Delivery Mediums

A general guide to what master formats you need from your mastering engineer and why.