Upload Your Files

Please do not upload files if you haven’t already filled out the EP/Album Mastering Submission Form or the Single Song Mastering Page unless somebody else is going to submit the info, or if this file upload is to submit updated or missing files for a project that is already in progress.

Make sure your producer or mix engineer prepares files intended for mastering

Please be sure the files from your producer or mix engineer are intended for mastering, and are not peak-limited / maximized / loud versions that may have been made for reference. It’s important that your mixing engineer knows you are having your project mastered here so they can provide files with optimal dynamics and headroom, and in the best possible format to master from.

If your mix engineer has been providing loud/limited reference versions during the mixing process, please include those as well so it’s known what you’ve been used to hearing.

Preparing your files prior to uploading

Please listen to each mix file closely to check for errors, and verify that the files are correct. Checking for errors will help avoid delays and/or additional costs.

It is recommend to make a folder containing all the audio files and a .jpg of the front cover art (if available), and zipping the folder/files before uploading. This helps prevent file corruption during upload. Feel free to include any helpful notes in the message section. Artwork can be added later if needed.

Windows Users: please do not make .rar files as they are often not Mac friendly. Please use the preferred .zip format, specifically.

Upload Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation email when the files are successfully uploaded. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, please upload the file(s) again until you do, and be sure the confirmation email didn’t end up in your spam folder.