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  • Online / Digital Distribution
    Compact Disc

  • Instrumental Masters

    ISRC Code Generation

    Gracenote Database Submission

    Custom/Private mp3 Streaming Page

    Rush Service

  • DDP (covers nearly all CD manufacturing & basic digital distribution needs)
    24-bit / High Sample Rate Version of Digital Masters (Mastered For iTunes / Bandcamp)

    24-bit / High Sample Rate Vinyl Pre-Master

    Cassette Pre-Master

    mp3 or m4a (AAC) Reference Files Tagged with Artwork and Metadata

    48k WAV Masters Optimized And Formatted For Video Use
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  • Song Titles / Order and ISRC codes (if you are providing codes):

    Please use correct titles and punctuation as this is what will be embedded as your CD-Text and metadata. Please don’t use ALL CAPS for titles and names unless that is how you would like them to be displayed.

    1. ISRC:
  • I will send my files via the Mystery Room Mastering Upload Page.
    (Selecting this option will direct you to an upload page after you submit this form.)
    I will provide a direct download link to my files now.
    I will send my files at a later time or they are coming from another person.
  • Maintain or conserve original dynamic range.
    Find the sweet spot.
    Make it loud!
  • Tight Spacing
    Standard Spacing
    Extended Spacing
    No Additional Space Needed
  • Please provide any special notes about sounds, transitions between songs, as well any other info that may be helpful. For vinyl releases, don’t forget to specify where sides A and B are to be split.

    Also, if you already know who you are using for CD and/or vinyl production, please let us know in this section as that can affect how the production masters are formatted and delivered.

  • Make a single zip file (a/k/a archive, rar, or compressed file) containing all of your audio files as well as a jpg of the front cover art (if available). Upload it via the WeTransfer page you’ll be taken to after you submit this form (if you chose that option).

    If you’re providing a direct link to your audio, it is appreciated if all the files are contained in one zip file and don’t require downloading of each song/file one at a time. Use an easy file sharing service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer that doesn’t require that an account be created to retrieve the files.

    If somebody else is providing the audio files, please pass this info on to them. They can reference THIS PAGE if there are any questions.

    Please name your zip file or folder with the artist name and version number such as ‘ArtistName_01’ or with a date code like ‘ArtistName_042016’. This will be helpful in case new files are needed mid-project.