April/May 2024

Much like my last blog post, the last few months have again been the absolute busiest months ever here at Mystery Room Mastering. Thank you to everybody that keeps sending great projects here for mastering. I truly appreciate it.

The best place to follow along for any new releases or happenings is on Instagram, particularly Instagram stories.

There will be announcements of some exciting new releases and remastering projects that were done here soon.

Things are back to normal now but for a few days near the end of May, I had to rely on my mobile mastering setup which I have been fine-tuning and using over the last few years. I already use basically this same setup in my main studio as a secondary setup at a standing desk to do certain tasks, but have also mastered many projects using it exclusively both at my main studio, and while traveling.

We lost power in my area for just over 3 days due to strong storms but this amazing mobile setup which features Audeze LCD-5 headphnes, an RME ADI-2 DAC FS, and an ultra-powerful M3 MacBook Pro allowed me to keep working without compromise or any hiccups.

As the world becomes more unpredictable than ever, it’s good to be prepared to be able to keep working in just about any scenario. Here’s a photo I took while working at a hotel during a 3+ day power outage at the studio: