April/May/June ’14

It’s been another busy & great few months for Mystery Room Mastering.

The Shivvers LP is finally out and getting some great reviews and feedback. The Sugar Stems album that I mixed and mastered is all finished and due out July 22nd on Dirtnap Records.

Some other mastering projects include a 7″ for Direct Hit!, an album by The Gazettiers, Zeti, Lisa Ridgely & The Fainting Room, Jackie BrownHeavy Hand, Midwives, Jeremiah NelsonThe HellfishStreetcar RailroadCanopiesJoey SparrowThe Family BusinessRonnie Jay and The StandardsStolen Silver, The Spastic HeartsDaniel and the Lion, the Bat Bites, Jodi Beach Trio, Evergreen, Kieran Grogan, Go Curtis Go, TapebendersVolunteer, Space MagicMike CastleDope Calypso, Kaams, Greatest Lakes, Low Voltage Rangers, Opus DogHeartthrobZach Steinbach, & TIT.