April/May/June/July/August ’15

This summer has been so busy with projects and things that I haven’t been able to stick to quarterly updates but here are some of the latest projects:

together PANGEA just released a new EP I recently mastered. It was produced by Tommy Stinson and released on Burger Records.

I also mixed and mastered a new Tommy Stinson song called “Can’t Be Bothered” which is now available on iTunes. I also mixed and mastered a new 7″ single for Tommy with two other new songs which will be released any moment now on Burger Records. You can see the video for “Can’t Be Bothered” HERE.

The Midnight Reruns album, which was also produced by Tommy Stinson and mixed and mastered by myself will be out early this fall on Dusty Medical Records. It’s sure to be a Milwaukee rock & roll classic.

Speaking of Milwaukee rock & roll classics, Phylums debut album is out now on Dirtnap Records. Phylums are currently one of Milwaukee’s best bands in my opinion. Listen to it HERE.

Other recent mastering projects in include Sahara Surfers (Austria), NO/NO, Nora Collins, Lucyfer Sam (Italy), Space Raft, Midwives, Heavy Looks, Testa Rosa, Gina Venier, Tapebenders, Roberta Dragone (Italy), Polisong (Spain), Penny CorrisSinfonico Honolulu (Italy), The Midwest Beat, Nate Meng, Dollis & The System, Kurt Baker, Josh Lane, Tradecraft, Sadlord, I’m Not A Pilot, dAb, Linear North, GeenaAuralai, Fun With Atoms, Faux Fiction, The Pikes (Germany), Labradors (Italy), The Singing Company, {ELSE}, Miserable Friend, The Whiskeybelles, The Connection, Out of Nothing, The Complication, The Oak Street Ramblers, Commander Tang, Them Teeth, (ORB)Ophelia’s Sweet DemisefREEXSarah Hollins, WOWS (Italy), The Peawees (Italy), The Lone CanaryLaura PetersenTyler and the Streeters, Avenues, The Monday Specials, Mare Edstrom And The Snake River RamblersTemporal Sluts (Italy), Dusk, Mia Carruthers, Dope Calypso (Italy), Said the Shotgun, Tight Eye, Mono in Stereo, Lone River (Italy), Jeff & The GoldbloomersGerry Hundt’s Legendary One-Man-Band, BIG HUGE and some others.