Aug/Sept/Oct/November ’16

Recent mastering projects include The Mr. T ExperiencePlatinum BoysGreg CartwrightGauss, Weep & Willow, Wood ChickensThe Precipice (Italy), Holly and the Nice Lions, Manges/Peawees (Split 7″, Italy), War Brides, Joseph Huber, 88NINE Radio Milwaukee, Elli de Mon (Italy), Drugs Dragons, Easy Habits, Static EyesHannah BusseName the Moon, Bloodshot PyramidTownship, Band of Dust, Guilty Johnny (Amsterdam), Star Magnet, Mark Hetzler, Can Skylark, Dash HoundsGambler’s Daughter, Victor Chininin Buele, Sam Lyons, David Knoll, Mark HarrodHobos in Dust, Ashlyn, NOIZE, Samantha Grady, Hidden Hind (Italy), Tanake (Italy), Mike Mangione, Ted Gast, Nick Wenger, Tristan BushmanCITRA, Mia, Tommy and The RocketsSlow WalkerJim Bohn, Mare Edstrom, Dead Flowers, and more.

I also finished up mixing and mastering the new Midnight Reruns album which will be released sometime in 2017.

As always, I’m still doing all the mastering for the The License Lab and lots of audio post-production for About Face Media.