Early Winter ’08

Recorded 3 songs with one of my favorite newer bands Tenement @ Howl Street in Bayview. We recorded 3 entire songs in one day and I did the mixing at my place.

One of the songs “Earwig” is on their myspace page.

Recorded Blueheels live, two nites in a row at Cranky Pat’s in Neenah. Everything went really smooth and I have turned the files over to Landon, their bassist to handle the editing and mixing process.

Finished mixing and mastering the live Ben Weasel record, I recorded (and played bass for) 2 shows in August at Reggie’s in Chicago. We performed the classic Screeching Weasel album “My Brain Hurts” in it’s entirety two nites in a row and I took the best versions from each show and it will be released on Asian Man Records sometime in 2009.

Spent a weekend recording a great Milwaukee band called the Candliers. They are taking the basic tracks home to finish the record up and then I will mix it in early ‘09

Resumed overdubs with Sheyboygan band The Jetty Boys @ Howl Street Recordings.