Fall ’08

Finished mixing the Heller-Mason record. This thing was started back in spring of ’06 and finally will be released this fall by Gilead Media.

Did a day of recording with Milwaukee band Rapid Adapter. They are taking the files home to finish up and mix them selves, but I think we got the project off to a great start.

Milwaukee band Jail came by to put the finishing touches on the mixes I did in Sept. I can’t believe I wasn’t aware of this band before now. Really great stuff. I’m not sure when the record will be out.

Spent 2 days @ Howl Street recording drums for the Jetty Boys new album for Rally Records.

Mixed a full-length record for a band for a great punk-rock band from the Netherlands called the Accelerators.

Spent a few days getting started on an EP for Jentri Collelo, a great singer/songwriter from Madison. I hope to have it finished and mixed in early ’09.

Spent a few days rehearsing for a couple Ben Weasel shows in Chicago.

The shows were great, and I again recorded both shows. A Seattle band called The Girls opened both shows and I recorded them as well and mixed one of their sets, I’m hoping they use it for something cause it sounds pretty good.

I had to get some acupuncture done, my right hand had become swollen and sore to the point where I could hardly move it, and my left hand mouse skills are pretty weak. I can’t believe how well, and quick the acupuncture worked on my hand. It’s a miracle.