Jan/Feb/March ’14

2014 is already on track to be the busiest year yet for me @ Mystery Room Mastering. With the help of Martin DeFatte at Guerrilla Digital, I now have a handy dandy mastering cost estimator on the Mystery Room website. This calculator allows you to enter different variables and see what your mastering project may cost. From there, you can also enter all your project details and upload your unmastered files as well. The Mystery Room site will be updated soon as well, with more current photos and equipment list etc.

Recent mastering projects include a new LP by Archie Powell & The Exports, a new full-length by Joseph Huber, an EP for Catch Kid, a new Mugwumps full-length, a split LP by The Hussy and Digital Leather, a full-length by Colin Swinney (formerly of Goodnight Loving), an EP by Points West, a new full-length by The Midwest Beat, a Springwater EP, a full-length by Jeff Parks, the Good Land Records 2014 Sampler, the Milwaukee Psych Fest 2014 compilation, a 1- song single for Canopies, full-length by Midwest Guitar Trio, a full-length for Brett Newski, an EP for Magnyfix, 3 songs for Big John Bates, a full-length for Centre The Image, a 3-song preview of an upcoming album for Sharon Alston & Created Image, a new full-length by Haunted Heads, a new full-length by The Delphines, an EP for Greasy Hearts, 8-song EP by Calico Flamigos, an EP for Rushford Mile, and over a half dozen releases for Dope Folks Records.

I also did some mix adjustments and remastered the first They Stay Dead EP and it’s getting reissued on Jailhouse Records and cut by Dave @ Lucky Lacquers.

On top of all that, I continue to master most of the output for The License Lab, if you need any library music for any video productions or otherwise, be sure to browse their catalog and website.

I’m not currently taking on any new recording or mixing projects because all the mastering work, as well as my work with The License Lab and About Face Media, does not leave me with much time to do anything else. If you’re looking to record and mix, I’d suggest these studios: The Midwest Sound (Rockford, IL), Bobby Peru Recording (Milwaukee), Rock Garden Studio (Appleton, WI). All three have been recently remodeled and/or relocated and produce great sounds and work.