Jan/Feb/March 2017

Well, 2017 got off to such a busy start I didn’t even have time to update the blog until April. I wanted to give a special thanks to Martin DeFatte for making this website exist and maintaining it so well.

There have already dozens of mastering projects in and out the door in 2017 including, Buffalo Gospel, Tillie, ROCKET PALOMA, Midwives, Sara and Kenny, Brett Newski, Josh Lane & The Heartfelt, Dope Calypso, Randy Locke, Miles Nielsen, The Calm, The Lower 5th, Ama Yaas, Josh Murtha, Sinnet, Lou Shields, Cato, Sweetalk, 94 Distortion, Boiling Point, Shallow Hearts, Charlotte Lawrence, Fire Heads, The Hussy, Honest Engine, Heavy Justice, Kevin McGroarty, Riccobellis/Twister (split 7″), Blonder, RATBONES, Guerrilla Ghost, Heavy Melters, KRYSLER, Vicious Dreams, Myles Wangerin, The Wellingtons, The Vipers/Chunkhead (Split 7″), Bad Bread, Well Known Strangers, Mia, F For Effort, XOfenders, Stomachache, Tapebenders, B-Hazz, Nick Berg, PAY UP, Chris Body, Michael Goldense, We Are Leo, Black Envy, Zeroed Hero, Guilty Johnny, Gallery Night, and Westrin & Mowry.

The new Midnight Reruns album “Spectator Sports” that album I recorded/engineered/mixed and mastered is now available digitally everywhere you buy and stream music. You can get it on cassette from Forged Artifacts and there is a vinyl pre-order from Dusty Medical Records and vinyl will be available on April 28th.

Both Mystery Room Mastering and myself have been nominated for a WAMI this year so we’ll see how that goes in a few weeks.

I appeared on a podcast with Noise Creators. I also did a handful of shows and what not on bass with Bash & Pop.