Jan/Feb/March/April ’16

Well, my intent on updating this page more frequently didn’t go well. It’s been an exiting year of great projects already, as well as some significant equipment upgrades in the studio. I added another analog EQ (API 5500), another analog compressor (Manley Variable Mu), another choice of digital to analog and analog to digital conversion (Lynx Hilo), a Dangerous Liaison to manage all the gear, and updated to the latest Crane Song Avocet IIA for source/monitor management and final digital to analog conversion for monitoring.

As far as projects go, there were plenty of mastering projects including Field ReportMidwest Death RattleWestrin & Mowry, Paladino, The New RochellesSiro Costacasual vocals, Lugh, DingusTrapper SchoeppSchreng Schreng & La LaLingererThe Peawees, Timothy Charles and the Blind Fiction, Calvin Johnson
and the Snow-Tones, Old Soul Society, The Atomic Spins, Cabin Essence20 Watt Tombstone/Left Lane Cruiser (split album), Dan Collins & NonprontoKurt BakerLazer LloydSam Steffke & Friends, Jeremy J Canfield, Magma Carta, Serious Sam Barrett and James the Fang, Rebecca Gilbert and Kellswater Bridge, Teds Dancin, Fortunate OnlyGarbage MasherSpringwaterFox FaceVolkovNorthlessConundrumMark HetzlerBad DinosaurPink BeamClementinePollinatorsTommy and The RocketsThe Kaams, Low Down Sound, Mia, Brief CandlesBuildings/Volunteer (split album), The Striped Frogs, Major Vistas, Post MovesMarkowski’sGhost CutsThe Hallingtons, and some other odds & ends.

Back in early January I spent two days in Rockford Illinois at The Midwest Sound working with Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts recording a song for a tribute album for a band called The Refreshments. I mixed and mastered the song back here at Mystery Room Mastering and it should be available sooner than later.

I just returned from a week of recording up North Wisconsin in a (very nice) cabin with Midnight Reruns. We recorded 8 songs which should end up being the bulk of their next album. I don’t really like recording anymore but when it’s with a great band, I’ll make exceptions now and then if time permits.

I also got out of the studio briefly in January and did a short run of shows playing bass with Tommy Stinson in Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis and Chicago. We have another run coming up in early May in Quebec, Toronto and Buffalo. I’m just starting to mix another batch of songs for Tommy for his next album.

UPDATE: An album I mixed last year by Midnight Reruns “Force of Nurture” which was recorded and produced by Tommy Stinson and mixed by myself at Mystery Room Mastering has won the WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Awards) album of the year. Here it is: