July/August ’13

Back in early July I had the pleasure of mastering a full-length album for the talented Wyatt Funderbunk. I’ve heard a lot of his work producing other bands/artists so it should have been no surprise how great his solo album is. You can listen to and purchase it here.

Other mastering projects include Tallymoore, Elli De Mon (Italy), The Rustbelt Boys Lamb’s Legs, Frank Calvagna, Seth Boyte, Tom Hilker, Commander Tang, Travis Agnew, The Tanked, Frankie & the Wheels, & another handful of new releases for Dope Folks Records.

I also wrapped up mixing & mastering the forthcoming Sleepwalkers album. I’m in the final stages of mixing a new record for Derek Luttrell that will be out on Rotown Records this fall.

Thanks to all the bands, artists and clients that keep me busy month after month.