June ’09

I got a last minute call to finish up a couple songs for Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. Cory’s been working down in Nashville at Blackbird with Joe Chiccarelli, so it was great getting a chance to work on these songs. Thanks to Daniel at Burst HQ and J Christopher Hughes at Post Historic for the last minute studio accommodations. I’ll be mixing the last 4 songs for the record in July and it should be out on Black Seal/RCA records in the fall.

I flew down to Austin, TX for a few days to play bass for a few shows with both Screeching Weasel and the Riverdales. I never knew how crazy downtown Austin can be on any given nite. I had a chance to go up by the university and get my photo taken in front of this famous Daniel Johnston mural he did on the side of restaurant. Anyway, the shows were outside but in a covered area so it was like playing in a sauna, but it was a great time, looking forward to Chicago and LA in the fall.

I mixed one more song and mastered an EP for Breakout Division, a great rock band I met when I was in Italy last year recording a different band. Should be out in August on 7″ vinyl and digital download.

Tim Schweiger and the Middle Men came in for about a week to begin work on their next full-length. We battled van breakdowns, scheduling conflicts and a bad case of the flu, but we we’re off to a good start, sounding great so far.

The Saltshakers and Blue, Seriously have been in at Howl Street working on their new releases due out in the fall.

The Onion/Decider published a story and interview I did with them a few weeks ago.

Paste Magazine did a story called “TEN PERFECTLY IMPERFECT MUSICAL OUTTAKES” and it features a song I recorded for Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. Right up there with Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams and Eminem. The version on the Paste website is not the same version…when we were recording Cory’s live EP last year, he sprung a last minute idea on me to record a few songs while they play out in the crowd, so I grabbed the closest mic to me and put it in front of them, which is why there is also a ton of background noise (as mentioned in the article)….then the song ended up making in on the record, funny how things work sometimes.