Late Summer ’08

Studied up on some Blake Thomas< songs on the flights home from Italy and played bass with him at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee the day after I got back.

After getting things in order from being gone for 3 weeks, I mixed The Razor Fist album. It’s called “Metal Minds” and will be out on Pure Steel Records in Germany sometime in early ’09. If you are into old-school sounding metal, there are a couple new songs on their myspace. “The Runner” is one of my favs.

Ran sound for Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons at Lawrence Chapel in Appleton. It was a long day since we had to bring in all the sound stuff other than the speakers, but it was worth it. Lawrence Chapel is a beautiful sounding room and Cory and his band are amazing.

Started rehearsals for the Ben Weasel shows coming up. We’ll be performing the Screeching Weasel album “My Brain Hurts” in it’s entirety, plus a few others.

Spent a week and a half mixing the Bad (love) Experience album that I recorded in Italy. I think they have found a label to release the record in ’09, so they are holding off on posting any new songs.

Finished up overdubs for the Heller-Mason record, finally!

Spent a day @ Howl Street Recording, recording the Goodnight Loving. We did two songs and recorded them on their Tascam 4-track. It’s been awhile since I worked like that and had a blast. I think the plan is to do more songs, possibly their next record?? on a cassette 4 or 8-track.