March ’09

I’ve been spending some days in the studio with Jentri Colello doing another batch of songs to complete her full length album coming out this summer.

Finished up mixing an mastering for the new Holy Shit! Release, which will be out on 10” vinyl later this year.

Flew out to LA to play two shows at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood playing bass for Ben Weasel. The shows were sold out and it was a great time and a great time, except the flight home which had to turn around and re-land at LAX, ended up getting home a day late but it was a good time overall.

Mastered a great record for a Minneapolis band Liarbirds.

I also mastered an EP for a Milwaukee band called Disguised As Birds, it’s a great sounding record recorded by Shane at Howl Street.

Spent a couple days at Howl Street recording new songs with the Goodnight Loving, this time we decided to use a Yamaha cassette 8-Track…it turned out great, we got 3 songs recorded and mixed. It’s refreshing to try recording on something with limits, like an 8-track as opposed to pro tools where you can for the most part, use as many tracks as you need. A few more sessions and we should have a new record done.

The end of March was spent mixing the newest Riverdales album.

It’s pretty much ready to go and will be out on CD and vinyl on Asian Man Records July 14th.

There is a nice review of the newest Mystery Girls record I recorded a few years ago now. The record was recently released on In The Red Records and you can check out the review on the Madison Ithsmus website.