May ’09

I spent a couple days at Howl Street with Dr. Frank (of the Mr. T Experience). Frank is putting out his 2nd book later this summer and wanted to have a couple songs to go with it. If things go as planned, it’ll be released on a 7″ and iTunes.

Finished mixing the new Jetty Boys album, to be released on Rally Records later this summer.

Finished mixing the Candeliers album. We did the basic tracks last fall, then they did a lot of work on it themselves and brought it back to me for mixing and mastering.

I recieved a WAMI award for 2009 Producer of the year. I actually tied with Jeff Hamilton but close enough I guess….not really sure how that all works. I also recorded/produced and mixed the “album of the year” by Hindsight.

Tenement (who are one of my favorite bands to work with) came in to Howl St to start their first full-length release, so far so good.

Bear Proof Suit came in for a day and recorded their half of a split 12″.

We finished up the music for the King Friday reunion EP, files have been sent off to Portland, OR so vocals can be added.