May ’10

Miles Nielsen and Dan McMahon have been in working on some potential movie soundtrack stuff.

The new Sugar Stems album is mixed and mastered, it will be released on vinyl in the U.S. and Austria and on CD by a Japanese label, all by August this year.

I mixed and mastered an album for the Challenged from Brooklyn, which will be out on Rally Records in June.

Mixed an EP for the Wildbirds which was recorded by Shane at Howl St Recordings.

Thanks to Shane for providing such awesome sounding tracks to work with.

I took a break from the studio to run sound for Cory Chisel for a few live shows around Wisconsin, and to play bass for Screeching Weasel in Toronto at the Phoenix Theatre. Amazing city, great venue.

I also did plenty of mastering. including projects for Verona Grove, Cue The Violins, We Are Your Father, Mixmasta D, the Fingers and Tret Fure, Nate Lenz, Bob Burns and more.