May 2021

It’s funny to think that years ago I used to post EVERY mastering project on here every month or two. Things have gotten so busy over the years that I no longer have the time and bandwidth for that. The best place to keep up with current mastering projects is via the Instagram page.

Here are a few notable things though:

Earlier this year I remastered the debut album from Busta Rhymes. “The Coming (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)” is available on your streaming service of choice via Rhino Records which features a totally remastered version of the original 1996 album, as well as 23 bonus tracks featuring instrumentals and hard to find remixes.

For Record Store Day 2021 you can pick up The Replacements “The Pleasure’s All Yours: Pleased to Meet Me Outtakes & Alternates” which features some of the bonus tracks from the “Pleased To Meet Me (Deluxe Edition)” that was mastered here last year.

I recently launched an official website for helping other mastering engineers with WaveLab Pro. After years of informal help, I decided it was time to launch an official portal with links to many of my settings, preferences, as well as the monthly livestream videos I’ve been doing for Steinberg. You can also book one-on-one sessions with me to learn more about WaveLab and other mastering related things.

Lastly, I was recently on a podcast called Secret Sonics to discuss a variety of mastering and career related things. You can listen to the episode below.

Listen to “Secret Sonics 094 – Justin Perkins – Going Deep with Mastering” on Spreaker.