October/November/December ’14

As another busy year winds down, here’s a rundown of some mastering clients and projects from the last few months:

Testa Rosa, Field ReportPhylumsFaz Waltz (Italy), Bad Love Experience (Italy), No/NoOphelia’s Sweet Demise, Dirty Louis, Black Belt Theatre, The Rumskis, Anna Dobbin, Buffalo Gospel, Soup Moat, Desolation Row, Devin Quello, Pueblo People (Italy), and a few new releases for Dope Folks Records coming in 2015.

Aside from all that, I was also able to wrap up mixing and mastering for the new Tenement album for Don Giovanni Records. It’s a double album that I also recorded the drums for back in 2013. The rest of the album was recorded with Shane at Bobby Peru Recording, as well as by Amos from Tenement at his home studio. I try not to get involved with mixing projects these days because of how it complicates my mastering workflow, but Tenement is a band that I enjoy so much that I couldn’t say no to being involved with this project. All the masters are now delivered and the album should be out sometime in 2015.

I also just finished mixing the new Muddy Udders album that was recorded at The Midwest Sound in Rockford IL. We should be moving on to mastering very soon.

One other thing I did a bit of in 2014 is live recording. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the mix of The Replacements show from Midway Stadium and hoping to do the final mastering in early 2015. I have no idea what the release plans are for this but there is also video footage, so I’d expect at least a video release, possibly an audio-only release of the show as well.

Another live recording I did recently was something for Miles Nielsen and The Rusted Hearts. They did a Thanksgiving weekend show in their hometown of Rockford Illinois. We were able to do a pretty quick turnaround and the official album release is Dec 23rd digitally, and physical CD release on Dec 26th. I’ll post more info on it when it comes out. The live album was captured in a beautiful old wooden room with a very quiet and polite audience. I’d like to thank Ian Olvera for assisting with the live recording as I was also was mixing the live sound during the show.

I also had the pleasure of getting out of the studio to mix the Field Report album release show at The Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee.