Sept/Oct 2013

Recent mastering projects for late summer/early fall include a b-sides collection for The Gaslight Anthem that Side One Dummy is releasing, 88NINE Radio Milwaukee, The Shivvers (out on Sing Sing Records soon), The Rustbelt Boys, VolunteerFable & the World Flat, Inbound Kennedy, Dot Dot Dot, Calico Flamingos, The Goddamns, Tim Schweiger & The Middlemen, Holy Shit!, Mike Castle, Simon Chainsaw & another handful of projects for Dope Folks Records. I also did a unique vinyl master (CD master was done elsewhere) for the new Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound album titled “Fine Rude Thing” which should be out in a couple months. Finally, I am finishing up mastering a rather large project for The Manges (from Italy) which is a compilation of all their 7″ releases dating back to 1993 being released as a 3xLP vinyl set. I think it’s around 50 songs.

I just wrapped up mixing & mastering an album by Derek Luttrell from Rockford Illinois. The album was produced at The Midwest Sound by Dan McMahon & Miles Nielsen. It should be out on Rotown Records sooner than later.

I also remixed a live show by the Sugar Stems that originally aired on WMSE awhile back. They plan to do a vinyl release of the new remix/remaster on Dusty Medical Records sometime later this year.

In non-musical news, I recorded a few remote tape syncs for NPR and BBC Radio. The BBC project was interesting because I was recording Joel Whitburn being interviewed in his home office, which was quite an experience.

Ok, back to work now.