Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec ’15

Welcome to 2016. With so many projects going on I struggle to find time to update this blog but I’m hoping to be better about that in this new year.

Aside from all the mastering and audio projects, I’ve also been very involved beta testing the next version of WaveLab software which will be released in early 2016. I can’t say much more about it but I’m very fortunate for the opportunity to help shape the software I use on a daily basis. The results are already helping me be more efficient and do better work which ultimately benefits my clients.

Musically, the end of 2015 consisted of a lot of mastering projects. Some won’t be released until 2016 but some notable projects are new full-length albums for Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts, Space Raft, Daryl Stuermer, Trapper Schoepp, Rx Drugs, Beach Patrol, Slow Motion Cowboys, The Black Saints, Chicken Wire Empire, The Invisible Teardrops, Josh Harty, Baby Lucy, Gli Shakers (Italy), and Mike Castle.

Other mastering clients in the 4th quarter of 2015 include: Buffalo GospelCJ Ramone/The MangesBee Bee Sea (Italy), Justin Heron, Mr. Bison (Italy), Tony Memmel, Trolley, Stephanie Erin Brill, NO/NO, Heavy Looks, Buddy SmithGina VenierMiss Chain & The Broken Heelsthe Nabokov ProjectPassing SirensDharma DogsJames Tristan Redding, Meggy Wells, Lazer Lloyd, Dominatricksss, Greatest Lakes, Dr. Chow’s Love MedicineTapebenders, The Night (Germany), The Phantom BroadcastSara and Kenny, Cora Sayers (Spain), Boy on a Bike, AriaemsinnetTentacles EverywhereOphelia’s Sweet Demise, GlenWay, The Snake Leaves, Simon ChainsawBad WigHidden Hindthe Decaying Things, Gavi Moon, Samuel Justice, Leading the Blind, Taboo Blah Blah, The Family Business, Nathan Mathes, Back Alley Riot, to name a few.