Spring ’08

Finished up final overdubs for The Color Truth EP @ Burst HQ.

Finished up mixing for the Blueheels record “Lessons In Sunday Driving”.

Finally got around to mixing Blake Thomas’ new record that was recorded live in the studio last year at Topsoil Studios in Oshkosh.

Finally got Josh Harty’s record mixed and mastered, another great singer songwriter from Madison.

Spent 1 day setting up and 2 days recording a live show in Appleton for Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons. This will produce songs for Cory’s major-label debut on RCA Records. Thanks to Chris Hughes for coming up to help out with the project.

Got a last minute call to go to New York City with Cory Chisel to check out the mixing of songs for his EP. Michael Brauer did the mixing at Quad Studios in Times Square. It was great to be in such a legendary place, Cory and I played a lot of ping pong, ate a a lot of room service chicken sandwiches and spent more time out to dinner with Michael Brauer than in the control room, but it was a good time none the less.

Ended up remixing two of the songs for Cory’s EP myself. It should be out later this summer.

Mixed the Hindsight record.

Did some rehearsing for a show with Ben Weasel @ Reggie’s in Chicago.

Did bass and guitar overdubs with Razor Fist.