Winter ’09

The last half of December was quite busy, starting with a Riverdales rehearsal in Madison to see if things would work with a 4-piece line-up. It was fun.

Spent one day at Howl Street recording 6 songs with the Sugar Stems.

Spent one day at Howl Street recording the music for the new Holy Shit! Record.

Made a lot of progresss with the new Jetty Boys album, added tons of guitars, and got the bass and lead vocals all recorded.

I spent a day at Smart Studios in Madison recording 1 song with the etiquette. Had a great time using the 2” tape machine. It had been quite awhile since I had worked this way and really enjoyed it. It was great to work with a band that really wanted to take time and get things right and sounding good, on tape.

New Years Eve was a long but fun night. I was at Cranky Pat’s in Neenah doing sound for Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons as well as Blueheels. I think the show got done around 3:30am, I was a bit tired. I can’t quite rock like I used to be able. I also turned 28 this night at midnight.

In early January I mixed 5 songs for Italian band Breakout Division. I met the singer Tommi when I was over in Italy, he had recoded the demos for the band I was working with over there.

I also mixed about 7 songs for a rock band from the Appleton area called Nerve. I thnk I started this project almost 2 years ago for Eric at Simple Studios and were finally getting around to finishing this thing.

I mastered a full-length for The Baseball Furies, who I believe are no longer a band but had an album that never came out but will be coming out soon now that it’s mastered.

The Goodnight Loving came back in to put the finishing touches on 2 songs that we recorded on 4-track last fall.