Thanks for filling out the estimate form!

Your project information and quote have been received.

If you did not provide a download link to your audio files with your project quote, be sure to email a link to your files when they are ready. You or your mix engineer can also send your audio files directly using the Mystery Room Upload Page which is also located in the main menu of the webpage.

Please be sure the WAV or AIFF files from your producer or mix engineer are intended for mastering, and are not maximized/peak-limited versions they may have made for reference, which is common these days. It’s important that your mixing engineer knows you are having your project mastered here so they can provide files with optimal headroom, and in the best possible format to master from. If your mix engineer has been providing loud/limited reference versions during the mixing process, please include those as well. Often times mix engineers will remove their limiting and rough mastering processing so I have a better starting point which is appreciated, but it can be helpful to have the reference versions too so I know what everybody has been used to listening to.

Please listen to each mix file closely (headphones are great for this) to check for errors, and verify the files are otherwise correct. It’s not uncommon for an error to happen on a final bounce/export that wasn’t there on playback, or wasn’t present on previous versions. It’s also not uncommon that I receive the wrong mix version by accident. Checking for these types of errors will help avoid delays and/or additional cost.

Feel free to include any helpful notes when sending the files.

Feel free to Email me or have your mix engineer contact me directly with any questions.

Thank you!