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Specialized Services

Audio Mastering For All Digital Formats & Vinyl Pre-Mastering

We offer mastering for all genres of music, using a high quality signal chain including carefully selected analog equipment and select software plug-ins. Aside from the digital world, we specialize in 24-bit pre-mastering for vinyl and cassette releases. We can also guide you through the rest of the vinyl manufacturing process including finding the right lacquer cutter, broker, or pressing plant for your project.

All mastered projects are delivered to you accompanied with a licensed version of HOFA DDP Player to make sure you’re hearing your master in its truest form for today’s digital world. High-resolution digital masters as well as Mastered For iTunes masters are also available to ensure that your master files are within spec for the Mastered For iTunes program and other streaming platforms that accept high-resolution master files.

CLICK HERE to get started. No payment is required until you are 100% satisfied with the work.

Audio Sweetening For Video Productions

Mystery Room Mastering specializes in noise reduction (background noise & equipment hiss), general audio clean-up, dialogue editing, mixing, sweetening, and mastering for video productions of all lengths. Post-production effects and library music consultation are also available. We are happy to do a short project on spec to demonstrate the quality of work. We have found that while video editors are great at the video portion of a project, they are often guessing or in the dark when it comes to fixing, mixing, and delivering audio within the specifications of various formats. To put it another way, we would never attempt to edit a video for professional distribution. Audio and video really are two separate things.

Mastered For iTunes


Mystery Room Mastering is certified by Apple to provide master files for the Mastered For iTunes program. Mastered For iTunes involves creating and uploading high resolution (24-bit/native sample rate) master audio files to your online distributor for encoding to AAC format, which is used by Apple in the iTunes Store. Currently, the standard file resolution for submitting audio to the iTunes Store (and most other digital releases) is 16-bit/44.1k sample rate. Using higher resolution source files and following the other Mastered For iTunes guidelines will result in a better sounding experience for the end user.

Mastered For iTunes files are auditioned through the same encoder in which they will be eventually processed by Apple so proper testing and adjustments can be made to avoid problems, and optimize audio masters for distribution via the iTunes Store.

Check with your digital music distributor to learn more about their rates and policies for Mastered For iTunes releases. CD Baby and The Orchard both offer Mastered For iTunes releases.

Audio Forensics & Restoration

A service for law enforcement, lawyers, and private investigators. If you have poorly captured audio recordings that need to be cleaned up and/or analyzed, contact us to discuss options. Results are often highly dependent on the source recording but we have the latest software tools and skills to get the best possible result at this time. We can also transfer cassette tapes, vinyl LPs, DAT, and other various sources to digital files and perform restoration work for personal or professional use.

DDP Assembly & Creation

Deliver your music to a CD manufacturer with all CD-Text, ISRC codes, UPC/EAN code, and audio quality as intended without errors. If you already have sonically mastered WAV or AIFF files and need them properly assembled into a Red Book master for CD production and/or online distribution, we can assemble a DDP master for you to be sure that the finished product will not contain any errors or anomalies. Easily test the DDP master yourself with the complimentary HOFA DDP Player that will accompany your DDP master. DDP is the same file format that nearly all CD replicators use to replicate CDs, so you can listen to the exact same file from which your CDs will be created. Even if you are not replicating CDs, DDP is a great method for keeping your master sequenced properly, especially when there are songs that crossfade, or for continuous live recordings that need to be played without a gap between tracks.

Light Touch Digital Mastering Service

An affordable new service for qualified mix engineers and producers whose projects do not always require a full scale mastering job, but still need assistance confidently finalizing their project for the myriad of release platforms available today. This also includes some minor sonic adjustments/enhancements as needed.

In other words, you take care of the fun part and Mystery Room Mastering will take care of the details and technical aspects of creating a distribution and production ready master. It gives you peace of mind that there are no underlying technical issues with your primarily self-mastered project.

Many people forget about some of the less exciting aspects of mastering such as song sequencing (and determining the space between songs), paying close attention to details such as heads and tails of a song, and checking for stray noises and other issues. Also, things such as PQ coding, CD-Text/Metadata, and other sundries are often not the area of expertise of non-mastering engineers.

This service is also a great augmentation to “automated mastering” services that apply stereo bus processing to your audio, but do not provide you with master files suitable for the myriad of release platforms available today. There is still some work to be done after the stereo bus processing.

To read more about the nature of this “light touch” mastering approach, as well as see the special rates and submit a project, CLICK HERE.

The current turnaround time for a typical full-length album is roughly 9 to 12 days. Single songs and shorter projects can often be completed in under a week. With some advance notice and good communication, projects can be completed within a few days and we also offer a guaranteed 72 hour "Rush Service" option.

Helpful Resources

Submission Guidelines

We’ve compiled specific information on how to prepare and submit your audio for mastering. Share this with your mixing engineer.

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Before & After Mastering Samples

Listen to audio samples before & after mastering at Mystery Room Mastering.

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Master Audio File Variables

Unsure which file formats you’ll need from your mastering session for your specific project? This detailed document should help.

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File Upload

Need to send files for new projects or submit a revision? You can also send files for initial evaluation and consultation prior to mastering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled the most-asked questions from clients before getting started. Take a look.

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Here are some articles I’ve authored on various aspects of audio mastering.

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