May/June/July ’16

Another busy few months here at Mystery Room Mastering. Some mastering projects include:

Joseph Huber, Pine Hill Haints, Bullet Proof Lovers, Serious Sam Barrett and James the Fang, Mark Steven Hillstrom, Walker Shellist, Horace Greene, Danen Kane, Stereo Frontier, Pink Trilliums, Kane, Felon (Italy), Rupert (Italy), Charlie (Italy), Fall in Kashmir (Italy), Reality Something94 DistortionSinking SunsWhiskey of the Damned, Cinderuse, Julien KozakWestrin & MowryThe Cut LossesMangled DigitsWalk the Deep, Post Social, Dope Calypso (Italy), Driveway Thriftdwellers, Ken Tribolini, Ian FreiJohann Sebastian Punk (Italy), Architects Of The Aftermath, Becca May Grant and the Rivers of Madison, Jeff Brown, Zachary BiggusAndrew Price, Jonathan Fries, Hearthfire, and Down On Maddy.

I also mastered a new single for Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts called “High Street”, which you can check out by clicking HERE.

I also mastered a few compilation CDs including one for a local live music series here in my neighborhood called Chill On The Hill. They should have some copies for sale very soon and it features 17 songs from some of the bands/artists performing over the summer. I also mastered a compilation CD for Good Land Records and M: Milwaukee’s Lifestyle Magazine and features 15 songs from some great Milwaukee area bands/artists and you can pick one up for free at some of M: Milwaukee’s Lifestyle Magazine’s events this year. One other compilation I recently mastered is something for local record label Triple Eye Industries and features 13 songs from their various releases. It will be available at their first annual music fest August 26th and 27th at The Cactus Club. More info HERE.

Last but not least…I just put the finishing touches on the next Bash & Pop album. I started mixing an album for Tommy Stinson which evolved into what will be the next Bash & Pop record which will be released in early 2017 on Fat Possum Records. This was a special project for me seeing as the first Bash & Pop album “Friday Night Is Killing Me” (1993) is one of my all-time favorites from both a musical and engineering standpoint. The drum sound on the opening track had a huge influence on drum sounds I would try to get when I was engineering/producing bands.

With the newest Bash & Pop record I agreed to both mix it as well as master it, and also ended up adding some odds & ends such as acoustic guitar, percussion, and backing vocals. I also joined the band and will be playing bass for any live performances.