Nov/Dec ’11

It’s the end of a crazy year at Mystery Room Mastering.  I am currently doing mastering (and select mixing work) at a new location.  The new room is a part of a bigger complex called Burst HQ.  The guys at Burst have launched a new company along with a few others called The License Lab and I am also doing the mastering for all of their output.  So far it’s been great working in the new environment.  I’m still taking on outside mastering and mixing work, so don’t be afraid to get in touch if you need a project done.

December mastering projects included Great Lake Drifters, Dumbell, Dangerfield, Simon Chainsaw, Sugar Stems, The Morning Birds and Ill Disctracxion for Dope Folks Records.  I also mixed the Archie Powell & the Exports album that was recorded at the old Mystery Room back in September.

In November I was busy mastering projects for Bad Love Experience, Sat Nite Duets, Ted Fitzkirkpatrick, Blessed Feathers, The Sensationalists, Catch Kid, Sleeping in the Aviary, Down On Maddy and Harvest Creative Services.  I also remastered the classic “Psychic Voodoo Mind Control” by the Catholic Boys, and a double LP of hard to find and unreleased stuff by the Mistreaters, both records just came out on Dusty Medical Records.

I also wrapped up the recording of the new Dan Vapid and the Cheats album that I am currently mixing right now.

Somewhere in there I also found time to play bass for a couple Cory Chisel shows in Rockford and Chicago, as well as for an in-store performance with Tommy Stinson down at Reckless Records in Chicago.