September 2022

Well, in addition to the new PMC 8-2 speaker upgrade, I’ve also added a Trinnov ST2 Pro, and changed from the classic Crane Song Avocet IIA monitor controller, to the Grace Designs m908 making for a pretty significant upgrade to the monitoring path here. The Grace Designs m908 was built with surround/immersive multi-channel audio in […]

July 2022

The new PMC 8-2 are installed and they sound incredible. The PSI speakers I was using served me well for many years but it was just time for a change and upgrade. There are a few photos below. Also, Shania Twain has a new Netflix documentary and the accompanying audio compilation album “Not Just A […]

June 2022

The first half of 2022 has been an incredible year here at Mystery Room Mastering. There’s already been too many projects to cram into a blog post but one highlight was remastering “Funky Divas” by En Vogue, a truly legendary album. The 21 song Expanded Edition via RHINO Records can be found on your streaming […]

December 2021

November 2021

Once again, busy months are flying by so quickly it makes it hard to update this blog regularly. The best place to keep up with recent projects is via my social media feeds, which you can find here: The 100 song boxed set to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Replacements debut album “Sorry […]

July 2021

I was recently a guest on this great podcast series:

May 2021

It’s funny to think that years ago I used to post EVERY mastering project on here every month or two. Things have gotten so busy over the years that I no longer have the time and bandwidth for that. The best place to keep up with current mastering projects is via the Instagram page. Here […]

September 2020

Earlier this year I did a live run-through of the mastering software I use which is called WaveLab Pro by Steinberg. While it’s not the nicely scripted tutorial series I’d like to do eventually, the video at least scratches the surface on some common point of confusion and questions that new WaveLab users have, and […]

August 2020

It was a true honor to remaster the 1987 classic “Pleased To Meet Me” by The Replacements. The forthcoming deluxe edition from Rhino Records features a fully remastered version of the album from the unmastered mixes, and tons of bonus tracks including some great previously unreleased and never before heard songs written by Tommy Stinson. […]

March 2020

It was a great honor to remaster this 1995 classic by Ol’ Dirty Bastard with A TON of bonus tracks. “Brooklyn Zoo (Stripped Version)” is one of those bonus tracks and is streaming everywhere now. The full release is out March 26th. Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s ‘Return to the 36 Chambers’ Gets 25th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue