Fall ’08

Finished mixing the Heller-Mason record. This thing was started back in spring of ’06 and finally will be released this fall by Gilead Media. Did a day of recording with Milwaukee band Rapid Adapter. They are taking the files home to finish up and mix them selves, but I think we got the project off […]

Late Summer ’08

Studied up on some Blake Thomas< songs on the flights home from Italy and played bass with him at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee the day after I got back. After getting things in order from being gone for 3 weeks, I mixed The Razor Fist album. It’s called “Metal Minds” and will be out […]

Summer ’08

Recorded some metal leads with Razor Fist for their full-length. Finished mixing the new Goodnight Loving record. It will be out on vinyl later this summer on Dusty Medical Records, and well as in Europe on Wild Honey Records and on CD in Australia. Finished up overdubs on 5 unfinished Riverdales songs @ Smart Studios. […]

Spring ’08

Finished up final overdubs for The Color Truth EP @ Burst HQ. Finished up mixing for the Blueheels record “Lessons In Sunday Driving”. Finally got around to mixing Blake Thomas’ new record that was recorded live in the studio last year at Topsoil Studios in Oshkosh. Finally got Josh Harty’s record mixed and mastered, another […]

Winter ’07-08

Recorded drums @ Smart Studios with Hindsight for their debut full-length record. Played lots of Blueheels shows around Wisconsin. Moved to Milwaukee during a crazy blizzard. Got to see one of my favorite live bands, The Figgs, play a show in Milwaukee. Began work on The Color Truth EP @ Burst HQ Took a train […]

Fall ’07

Recorded drums Got started on the new Blueheels record. Drums were done @ Burst HQ in Wauwatosa. Overdubs were done @ Simple Studios and Smart Studios. Saw an excellent Ryan Adams and The Cardinals show in Milwaukee. Recorded a record for punk rock band The Guts from Maine. We did the record @ Smart Studios […]

Summer ’07

Played lots of Blueheels shows around the state. Did 2 Obsoletes shows. One @ Cranky Pat’s in Neenah, and on in Milwaukee with Decibully..this was a fun show.

Spring ’07

Recorded vocals and mixed the new Ben Weasel record. @ Smart Studios. It was produced by Mike Kennerty of The All-American Rejects. Mixed a Goodnight Loving recording that was done last year up at their cabin. Recorded a record for Chicago band The Javalinas @ Smart.

Winter ’06-07

Recorded an EP @ Smart with a great Milwaukee band The Good Luck Joes. Did a Yesterday’s Kids reunion show in Milwaukee, following the show somebody got shot outside, Milwaukee can be dangerous folks. Spent some time @ Smart working with a great pop-punk band from Portland, Maine called the Leftovers. The record is called […]