August ’09

The new Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons album, which I did some mixing work for, is now out. Check it out here. The new Dr. Frank 7″ that goes along with his new book Andromeda Klein, you can check it out here. Spent a good chunk of August working with the Trapper Schoepp Band, […]

July ’09

I got asked to do an interview on the WUWM sho Lake Effect. I mixed the new Truthdealer record, Criminal IQ records will be releasing it on 10″ vinyl later this year. The Sugar Stems spent a few days at Howl Street recording about a dozen songs. They also recently had a nice write up […]

June ’09

I got a last minute call to finish up a couple songs for Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. Cory’s been working down in Nashville at Blackbird with Joe Chiccarelli, so it was great getting a chance to work on these songs. Thanks to Daniel at Burst HQ and J Christopher Hughes at Post Historic […]

May ’09

I spent a couple days at Howl Street with Dr. Frank (of the Mr. T Experience). Frank is putting out his 2nd book later this summer and wanted to have a couple songs to go with it. If things go as planned, it’ll be released on a 7″ and iTunes. Finished mixing the new Jetty […]

April ’09

I spent a weekend recording Chicago punk band The Methadones, we did 4 songs which will make up two 7” releases sometime this summer. I spent a few days rehearsing for a show with the Riverdales down in Chicago..the show was a great time, looking forward to Austin in June Mixed and mastered a 3 […]

March ’09

I’ve been spending some days in the studio with Jentri Colello doing another batch of songs to complete her full length album coming out this summer. Finished up mixing an mastering for the new Holy Shit! Release, which will be out on 10” vinyl later this year. Flew out to LA to play two shows […]

Jan/Feb ’09

Members of the Midwest Beat and the Grizzlies came in to Howl Street and recorded a few songs, I’m not sure what the project will be called, but hopefully it will be out later this year. Madison punk band The Transgressions came in last minute due to a cancellation and recorded about 6 songs averaging […]

Winter ’09

The last half of December was quite busy, starting with a Riverdales rehearsal in Madison to see if things would work with a 4-piece line-up. It was fun. Spent one day at Howl Street recording 6 songs with the Sugar Stems. Spent one day at Howl Street recording the music for the new Holy Shit! […]

Early Winter ’08

Recorded 3 songs with one of my favorite newer bands Tenement @ Howl Street in Bayview. We recorded 3 entire songs in one day and I did the mixing at my place. One of the songs “Earwig” is on their myspace page. Recorded Blueheels live, two nites in a row at Cranky Pat’s in Neenah. […]

Fall ’08

Finished mixing the Heller-Mason record. This thing was started back in spring of ’06 and finally will be released this fall by Gilead Media. Did a day of recording with Milwaukee band Rapid Adapter. They are taking the files home to finish up and mix them selves, but I think we got the project off […]