January ’10

Onmilwaukee.com ran a nice story on the new studio, check it out here.

I did a quick interview for the UW Milwaukee Post about Smart Studios closing down.

I spent a couple weeks recording a new album with the band Jaill from Milwaukee.

The album will be out on Sub Pop Records sometime in 2010.

I mixed a fabulous new EP for Noah Harris, expect to find it on vinyl soon.

I recorded drums for some new Danen Kane songs at Blast House Studios, which is becoming my new favorite drum room in Wisconsin.

I spent a day at my studio playing bass on about 6 songs for Nate Rusch. I will be mixing the album as soon as I can get to it.

I spent a couple more days with Archie Powell and the Exports, we finishing the recording phase of the album and it’s turning out great, mixing will commence soon.

I recorded a live Riverdales show in Chicago, which will hopefully be properly mixed and used for a release sometime in the future.

I also mastered projects for Kyle Feerick, Sticks n Stones and the Highball Hooligans.