February 2020

Here’s a video I did with Steinberg Media to help promote the release of WaveLab Pro 10:

January 2020

I had the honor of appearing again on the Working Class Audio podcast. You can listen to it here:

November 2019

As usual, things have been far too busy to update this blog regularly. Some new studio photos by CJ Foeckler have been added to the website, featuring the new Crookwood insert switcher/mastering console as well as some other new additions. I am now starting to offer a few attended sessions per month to see how […]

April 2019

Long time, no blog. As the mastering workflow continues to get busier, I’m no longer able to post projects here on a regular basis. I suggest following the studio on Instagram and Twitter if you want to keep up on recent projects and happenings. There’s also the good ole Mystery Room Mastering Facebook page. It’s still […]

August 2018

Well, I think I’ve officially become too busy to do my bi-montly or quarterly updates of every mastering project that I work on, at least for the time being. We’ve recently added some playlists for Apple Music, TIDAL, and Spotify to stream stuff I’ve mastered which will be regularly updated with new stuff, as well […]

April 2018

Wow, the months keep flying by leaving very little time to update this blog with individual mastering projects but I’m hoping to get back to that very soon. One notable album I mastered that was recently released is the new Field Report album which you can check out HERE. The big news is that I’ve […]

Vinyl Emergency Podcast

There will be a proper blog update coming soon but earlier this year I was on another podcast called Vinyl Emergency. We discussed many things related to mastering, mastering for vinyl, and my musical history. You can listen HERE.

Working Class Audio Podcast

Recently I had the pleasure and honor of appearing on what I consider to be the best audio related podcast called Working Class Audio. What I like is that it focuses on the logistics and real-life issues of working in the audio field, and is not just another podcast talking about equipment and techniques. I […]

October/November 2017

This is already by far the most successful year for Mystery Room Mastering so I’d like to thank all the bands, artists, and other clients that have made this possible. Special thanks to The License Lab and About Face Media who also keep me busy. Both new Bash & Pop songs “Too Late” and “Saturday” […]

April/May/June/July/August/Sept 2017

This has by far been the busiest year of my life and we still have a few months to go. I’ve had to take a break from playing any shows with Bash & Pop as it has just become impossible to be away from the studio for that much time. Bash & Pop are hitting the road as I […]