Winter ’07-08

Recorded drums @ Smart Studios with Hindsight for their debut full-length record. Played lots of Blueheels shows around Wisconsin. Moved to Milwaukee during a crazy blizzard. Got to see one of my favorite live bands, The Figgs, play a show in Milwaukee. Began work on The Color Truth EP @ Burst HQ Took a train […]

Fall ’07

Recorded drums Got started on the new Blueheels record. Drums were done @ Burst HQ in Wauwatosa. Overdubs were done @ Simple Studios and Smart Studios. Saw an excellent Ryan Adams and The Cardinals show in Milwaukee. Recorded a record for punk rock band The Guts from Maine. We did the record @ Smart Studios […]

Summer ’07

Played lots of Blueheels shows around the state. Did 2 Obsoletes shows. One @ Cranky Pat’s in Neenah, and on in Milwaukee with Decibully..this was a fun show.

Spring ’07

Recorded vocals and mixed the new Ben Weasel record. @ Smart Studios. It was produced by Mike Kennerty of The All-American Rejects. Mixed a Goodnight Loving recording that was done last year up at their cabin. Recorded a record for Chicago band The Javalinas @ Smart.

Winter ’06-07

Recorded an EP @ Smart with a great Milwaukee band The Good Luck Joes. Did a Yesterday’s Kids reunion show in Milwaukee, following the show somebody got shot outside, Milwaukee can be dangerous folks. Spent some time @ Smart working with a great pop-punk band from Portland, Maine called the Leftovers. The record is called […]

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