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Jan/Feb/March/April ’16

Well, my intent on updating this page more frequently didn’t go well. It’s been an exiting year of great projects already, as well as some significant equipment upgrades in the studio. I added another analog EQ (API 5500), another analog compressor (Manley Variable Mu), another choice of digital to analog and analog to digital conversion […]

Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec ’15

Welcome to 2016. With so many projects going on I struggle to find time to update this blog but I’m hoping to be better about that in this new year. Aside from all the mastering and audio projects, I’ve also been very involved beta testing the next version of WaveLab software which will be released […]

April/May/June/July/August ’15

This summer has been so busy with projects and things that I haven’t been able to stick to quarterly updates but here are some of the latest projects: together PANGEA just released a new EP I recently mastered. It was produced by Tommy Stinson and released on Burger Records. I also mixed and mastered a new Tommy […]

Jan/Feb/March ’15

2015 is off to a busy and great start. Some recent mastering projects include: Screeching Weasel, Phylums, Big John Bates, Platinum Boys, The Exotics, GoldBoot, Digital Leather, Great Lakes Drifters, Sweetalk, Overserved Gentlemen, Kaiser (Germany), Go Curtis Go, Kenny Reichert Band, Sadlord, Rainey St. Warriors, The Hussy, IDKF, The Mugwumps (Austria), Vein Rays, The Directionals, Hakan, The Manges/The Queers (Italy), Blonder, The […]

October/November/December ’14

As another busy year winds down, here’s a rundown of some mastering clients and projects from the last few months: Testa Rosa, Field Report, Phylums, Faz Waltz (Italy), Bad Love Experience (Italy), No/No, Ophelia’s Sweet Demise, Dirty Louis, Black Belt Theatre, The Rumskis, Anna Dobbin, Buffalo Gospel, Soup Moat, Desolation Row, Devin Quello, Pueblo People (Italy), and a […]

July/August/September ’14

Some mastering projects in the last 3 months include a split 7″ by Dwight Twilley & Josh Berwanger for Good Land Records, RedHawks, drmanhattan, Air Tight, Xposed 4Heads, Monkeeman (Germany), a split 7″ by Mark Steven Hillstrom & Christopher Gold, introvert, Bullhound Studio Compilation, White Problems, Dope Calypso (Italy), Westrin & Mowry, a split album by Josh Harty & Blake Thomas, King […]

April/May/June ’14

It’s been another busy & great few months for Mystery Room Mastering. The Shivvers LP is finally out and getting some great reviews and feedback. The Sugar Stems album that I mixed and mastered is all finished and due out July 22nd on Dirtnap Records. Some other mastering projects include a 7″ for Direct Hit!, an album […]

Jan/Feb/March ’14

2014 is already on track to be the busiest year yet for me @ Mystery Room Mastering. With the help of Martin DeFatte at Guerrilla Digital, I now have a handy dandy mastering cost estimator on the Mystery Room website. This calculator allows you to enter different variables and see what your mastering project may […]

Nov/Dec ’13

Recent projects include mastering a Christmas album for The Whiskeybelles and a special New Year’s Eve track by The Violet Lights, as well as projects for The Jeanies, Gen Pop, Kurt Baker, Space Raft, Honey & the 45’s, The New Red Moons, The Mike Benign Compulsion, Fire Retarded, Blue Light Scene, Merging With Machines, Quarter Past One (Italy) […]

Sept/Oct 2013

Recent mastering projects for late summer/early fall include a b-sides collection for The Gaslight Anthem that Side One Dummy is releasing, 88NINE Radio Milwaukee, The Shivvers (out on Sing Sing Records soon), The Rustbelt Boys, Volunteer, Fable & the World Flat, Inbound Kennedy, Dot Dot Dot, Calico Flamingos, The Goddamns, Tim Schweiger & The Middlemen, Holy Shit!, […]